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Volltext Moghbel_Niloofar.pdf1.pdf (5,8 MB)
URN (für Zitat) http://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:swb:90-294219
Titel New Model for VDT Associated Visual Comfort in Office Spaces
Autor Moghbel, Niloofar
Institution Institut Entwerfen und Bautechnik (IEB)
Dokumenttyp Buch
Verlag Karlsruhe
Jahr 2012
Hochschulschrift Dissertation
Fakultät für Architektur (ARCH)
Institut Entwerfen und Bautechnik (IEB)
Prüfungsdaten: 19.04.2012
Referent/Betreuer: Prof. A. Wagner
Abstract In office rooms a significant aspect of visual discomfort is related to visual quality of computer screens and it's necessary to consider this visual quality as an important subject in quality of design. In this study a new method was developed to predict the visual quality of computer screen which is based on contrast reduction due to reflection. The new developed contrast model which is the basis of the new developed evaluation method is named the model of minimum required contrast.