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URN (für Zitat) http://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:swb:90-306146
Titel Bistabiles Magneto-Formgedächtnis-Mikroventil
Autor Barth, Johannes
Institution Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)
Dokumenttyp Buch
Verlag Karlsruhe
Jahr 2012
Hochschulschrift Dissertation
Fakultät für Maschinenbau (MACH)
Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)
Prüfungsdaten: 17.02.2012
Referent/Betreuer: PD Dr. M. Kohl
Abstract Bistable actuators only consume energy during the switching process. This characteristic renders these kind of actuators extremely interesting for applications in the field of microfluidics. This work presents a novel principle of bistable actuation, which combines an antagonistic shape memory alloy (SMA) actuation mechanism with magnetostatic latching. A bistable microvalve, using this principle is demonstrated.